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Sep 7, 2009 | 2 minute read

Customer Reviews in Review

written by Linda Bustos

Today is Labor Day in North America, and in the spirit of not working too hard, I'd like to share what we think is a hilarious video about customer reviews (written and performed by the folks at Bazaarvoice), along with lyrics and some of my favorite Get Elastic posts on the subject of customer reviews.

RSS/Email subscribers: can't see the video? Check out this post on Get Elastic. PS we are aware that there are some broken plug ins on our Wordpress install, we had to do an emergency upgrade to avoid being hacked and should have our issues resolved soon. In the meantime our headers look kinda funny. Thanks for your patience!


Sayin' you should buy this, are not the words they will believe from you
It's just they have YouTube, and every search brings up blog entries too
How easy it could be to find out how they feel

More than words is all you had to use to make it real
Then you wouldn't have to cry over costs per click
'Cause you're Google's top guy

What you do with Ratings and Reviews?
More than words to keep it real
Let them say just how they feel
What would you say
If they took those words away
Then they wouldn't buy things new
Without reading a review...

Now your market wants to
Talk for you and help others understand
All that you have to do is open up and just reach out your brand
Then you'll see word of mouth for you and me to read
More than words is all you ever needed to make more sales
Then you could easily say "Mr. Bossman, it's time I get a raise"

How sweet it'd be
A freed marketing annuity
More than words to show they feel
That they like a brand that's real
Why would you pay
For research to guess and play
More than words to show what's true
Then hear your market say "I love you"

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