March 5th, 2015 | 1 MIN READ

Customer Acquisition vs Retention [Infographic]

Written by author_profile_images Linda Bustos

Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.

customer acquisition and retention

This week's infographic hones in on customer acquisition vs. retention, courtesy of Invesp Consulting.




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  • 44% of companies have a greater focus on customer acquisition vs 18% that focus on retention Tweet this
  • Only 40% of companies and 30% of agencies have an equal focus on acquisition and retention Tweet this
  • 89% of companies see customer experience as a key factor in driving customer loyalty and retention Tweet this
  • 76% of companies see CLV as an important concept for their organization Tweet this
  • Only 42% of companies are able to measure CLV accurately Tweet this
  • Existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products, and spend 31% more than new customers Tweet this
  • Email marketing is reported to be the most effective marketing tactic for customer retention Tweet this
  • Increasing customer retention by 5% increases profits 25-95% Tweet this

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