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Apr 1, 2011 | 1 minute read

April Fool Special: The Lighter Side of the Internet

written by Linda Bustos

If you haven't had enough tomfoolery around your office today, I'd like to take a break from our usual ebusiness seriousness and share some tech / geek / ecommerce funnies this April Fool's.

Cancelling an Order

via Erik Andresen

Spinal Tap Amps


Good Code

via xkcd

Order Tracking

via xkcd

A New Captcha Approach

via xkcd

Coupon Code

via xkcd

Trade Expert

via xkcd

Academia vs. Business

via xkcd

iPhone or Droid

via xkcd


via xkcd

That explains this:

Life Before Google

Reprinted with permission from

Did you know?

April 1st is traditionally known as "All Fools' Day" in the Western world, a day to for grown adults to pull stupid pranks that otherwise would not be tolerated on other days of the year. The term "April Fool" refers to a prankster who plays a trick after noon (in some countries like Australia, the UK and New Zealand). Elsewhere, the jokes last all day. It's not a legal holiday, but some pranks may warrant an employee a "permanent vacation." :)

Care to share in the comments your most outrageous April fool, whether you were the prankster or the pranstee? (The folks at Elastic Path has been known for some doozies!)