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Dec 31, 2021 | 2 minute read

99 eCommerce Acronyms

written by Kirsten Aebersold

If you've ever found yourself scratching your head at a 3-letter acronym in an ecommerce related article or document, this post is for you. We've compiled 99 of the most common 3 letter acronyms you'll find in online business, from a wide range of functions including IT, marketing, web development, SEO, web analytics, web design and logistics. Roll over any acronym to see its title, or click its link to see a full definition. Or quiz yourself, and see how many of these acronyms you know off the top of your head!

3PL3rd Party LogisticsAOVAverage Order ValueAPIApplication Programming Interface
BOMBill of MaterialsBPABusiness Process AutomationBPMBusiness Process Management
CDNContent Delivery NetworkCMSContent Management SystemCODCash on Delivery
CPACost Per ActionCPCCost Per ClickCPICost Per Impression
CPMCost Per MilleCRMCustomer Relationship ManagementCROConversion Rate Optimization
CSCCard Security CodeCSEComparison Shopping EngineCSRCustomer Service Representative
CSSCascading Style SheetsCTRClick Through RateCVCCard Verification Code
CVVCard Verification ValueDFOData Feed OptimizationDIMDimensional Weight
DNSDomain Name SystemDOMDocument Object ModelDTPDays to Purchase
EAIEnterprise Application IntegrationEDIElectronic Data InterchangeERPEnterprise Resource Planning
FAK Freight All KindsFAQFrequently Asked QuestionsFTPFile Transfer Protocol
FUDFear, Uncertainty and DoubtHCIHuman Computer InteractionISPInternet Service Providers
KPIKey Performance IndicatorLPOLanding Page OptimizationLSALatent Symantic Analysis
LSILatent Symantic IndexingLTLLess Than TruckloadLTVLifetime Value
MMSMultimedia Messaging ServiceMP3MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3MVTMultivariate Testing
NLPNatural Language ProcessingOOSOut of StockOPMOutsourced Program Management
ORMOnline Reputation ManagementPCIPayment Card IndustryPHPHypertext Preprocessor
PIMProduct Information ManagementPOSPoint of Sale TerminalPPCPay Per Click
QSAQualified Security AssessorRDFResource Description FrameworkREPRobots Exclusion Protocol
RFIRequest for InformationRFPRequest for ProposalRFQRequest for Quotation
RFTRequest for TenderRIARich Internet ApplicationROIReturn on Investment
RSSRich Site SummarySASStatistical Analysis SystemSEMSearch Engine Marketing
SEOSearch Engine OptimizationSKUStock-keeping UnitSLAService Level Agreement
SLRSMOSocial Media OptimizationSMSShort Message Service
SOAService Oriented ArchitectureSOWStatement of WorkSSIServer Side Includes
SSLSecure Sockets LayerTCOTotal Cost of OwnershipTLDTop Level Domain
TLSTransport Layer SecurityTOSTerms of ServiceTPLThird-Party Logistics
UCEUnsolicited Commercial EmailUGCUser Generated ContentUSPUnique Selling Proposition
UVPUnique Value PropositionVARValue Added ResellerVATValue Added Tax
VTPVisits to PurchaseVTRView-Through RateWAIWeb Accessibility Initiative
WAOWeb Analytics OptimizationWAPWireless Application ProtocolWMLWireless Markup Language
WMSWarehouse Management SystemW3CWorld Wide Web ConsortiumXMLExtensible Markup Language

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