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May 30, 2008 | 2 minute read

8 Google Analytics Sins: Are You Guilty?

written by Linda Bustos

analytics fail

If you use a "set it and forget it" implementation of Google's free Analytics tool, your data may be "accurate" but not as useful to you as it could be.

I wrote a tutorial called "8 Stupid Things Webmasters Do To Mess Up Their Analytics" and submitted it to Marketing Pilgrim's 3rd Annual SEM Scholarship Contest. It explains in detail how you can optimize your Analytics Settings to collect relevant data that will instantly improve your conversion rates and help your web analysts make more meaningful conclusions and decisions.

So you'll have to check out the entire article over at Marketing Pilgrim to find out the 8 reasons, as per the contest rules, I cannot post the article here.

Being a contest, I really appreciate your help! You can't "vote" for me in the traditional sense, the contest works like this:

Between May 28th and 30th we’ll publish the qualifying entries and give each article 4 weeks (from publication) to attract as many readers as possible. Entrants are encouraged to provide articles that are optimized for the search engines and also utilize the various search and social media channels to promote their work.

On June 30th, we’ll select five entries that have achieved the highest overall traffic. In an effort to encourage quality traffic–not just quantity–each entry can earn two additional bonuses.

Bonus 1: If an entry achieves an average “Bounce Rate” below 75% it will be awarded a bonus equal to 10% of its total “unique views.”
Bonus 2: If an entry achieves an average “Time on Page” greater than 2:00 minutes, it will be awarded a bonus equal to 10% of its total “unique views.”

On July 7th, we’ll announce the grand prize winner. The winner will be the entry that receives the most votes from our panel of expert judges.

I need help to get to the top 5 which means I need a lot of traffic and a lot of engagement (few bounces, long reading time). Given that there are so many fantastic entries, competition is stiff. But I know I can count on our amazing Get Elastic readership to help, here's how:

  • Follow the link to read the full entry
  • Please read the entire post, even if you think it's boring
  • If it's really too boring for you, just take a long, hard look at the pretty pictures - for at least 2.5 minutes. If you stare long enough, they start morphing into Transformers robots - no joke, try it!!
  • Share the love - link to it from your blog, give it a Sphinn, Stumble it (thumb it up or review it), bookmark it in, Twitter it, post it to Facebook, email it to a friend, share through Google Reader or however you share content!

Muchas gracias!