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Jun 10, 2011 | 1 minute read

7 Takeaways From Optimization Summit 2011

written by Amanda Dhalla

Marketing Experiments / Marketing Sherpa Optimization Summit 2011Freshly back from the Marketing Sherpa / Marketing Experiments Optimization Summit 2011 on conversion testingin steamy Atlanta, I felt compelled to share the juiciest takeaways with you readers. Many of these look like common sense – or stuff we learned long ago in school. But sometimes a list helps us focus on the essentials for creating compelling, and converting, website content.

Know your value proposition

Your unique value proposition is what persuades prospects, not copy. The impact of a value proposition can be measured by 3 elements:

  • Appeal – How much is the offer desired?
  • Exclusivity – Is this offer, or a better one, available elsewhere?
  • Credibility – How believable are my claims?

A true value proposition states clearly and succinctly why your ideal prospect should buy from your company rather than a competitor. Every page element and step in the buying process should either state or support the value proposition. Testing your value proposition is essential to find what resonates best with target customers. personal financial services do a nice job of articulating why you would want to sign up with them, and then proceed to validate their claims:Mint, your financial life all in one place

Be clear about your goals

In his 2011 Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report, conversion optimization services can improve your business results.