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Oct 21, 2022 | 16 minute read

24 eCommerce Experts to Follow Now

written by Aiden Murphy

This is a comprehensive list of top eCommerce experts and influencers with expertise in search engine optimization, branding, digital marketing and growth, digital commerce transformations, B2B eCommerce, and digital commerce technology. All listed experts have a wide range of backgrounds, experience, and longstanding careers in technology, marketing, and sales to name a few.

Experts on this list are segmented by their respective area of expertise, and have either published insights, consistent social media content, bestselling books, speaker series, or podcasts. These experts are great sources of information on all things eCommerce related and we think are worth your follow or subscription to their content for staying up-to-date with the latest eCommerce trends.

Search Engine Optimization Experts


1.Andrew Youderian: Founder of eCommerceFuel
Having started out in the investment banking industry, Andrew made the famously common entrepreneur decision of quitting his job and starting an eCommerce business. Since making the leap into eCommerce he has sold two of the companies he founded, having collectively generated over $7 million in sales. He is considered an expert in bootstrapping stores to seven figures, how to become an SEO expert, community building, and successful business exits.



2.Rand Fishkin: Sparktoro CEO, Author of Lost and Founder
Fishkin got his start working at his mother’s small business marketing firm as a web designer, then creating his SEOmoz blog that over the following decade became the world’s most popular community and content resource for search marketers. As CEO, he grew Moz to 130+ employees, $30M+ in revenue, and traffic to 30M+ in 7 years, as well as co-founded which was later sold to HubSpot.



3.Neil Patel: Co-Founder at Neil Patel Digital, SEO and Growth-Marketing Guru 
Now a New York Times Bestselling author, the Wall Street Journal has named Patel as a top influencer on the web, and Forbes listed him as a top 10 online marketing expert in 2014. His blogs, training courses, SEO insights and active Twitter are great resources for any modern digital marketer.


Branding Experts


4.Steve Chou: Founder at, Expert in Online Stores, Contributing author for BigCommerce, Klaviyo, Ecommerce Fuel
Now a highly recognized influencer and speaker in the eCommerce space, Chou has taught thousands of students how to profitably sell physical products online through his training course His blog which focuses on creating successful eCommerce brands has been featured in Forbes, Inc., New York Times, Entrepreneur and more. Chou is a contributing author to EcommerceFuel, Sumo, Social Media Examiner, and a few others, and has a great Twitter account to keep up with.



5.Anil Aggarwal: Founder, Chairman & CEO of Personatech, Founder of Shoptalk, Retail Meetup, and Several other Companies
Anil has had successful exits as Founder/CEO of 10 different startups, totaling more than $650 million, with some notable companies including Shoptalk, Groceryshop, Retail Meetup, and more. Considered an expert in brand eCommerce, Anil has been featured on Forbes, Recurate, and other publications, and his current venture is PersonaTech as CEO/Founder.



6.Tracey Wallace: Content Director at Klaviyo
As a marketing generalist mostly working with tech companies, Tracey is a brand eCommerce expert specializing in content marketing, SEO, partner marketing, brand marketing, and more. She got her start in marketing with Mashable, having interviewed Tristan Walker before founding Bevel, and StackExchange’s founder Joel Spolsky. She now works as Content Director at Klaviyo.


Digital Marketing and Growth Experts


7.Armando Roggio: Expert Marketer with Experience in Paid Advertising, eCommerce, Content Marketing, and Marketing Leadership
Roggio worked in the eCommerce industry for years, eventually becoming the Director of eCommerce for a regional retail chain and marketing publications manager at Micron Technology, a publicly-traded computer-chip manufacturer. Now a longtime senior contributor to Practical Ecommerce since 2008, Roggio is a global eCommerce authority and a practicing merchant, developer, and journalist with over 1,300 articles addressing a plethora of topics in eCommerce. 



8.Gary Vaynerchuk: Chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia, Angel Investor, Serial Entrepreneur
Now a social media sensation and online business thought leader, Gary is considered one of the early pioneers of eCommerce and digital marketing to name a few. He transformed his father’s local liquor store into one of the first wine eCommerce platforms growing the family business from $3-60M in sales during a 5-year period. He now spends his time as the chairman of VaynerX, a media and communications holding company, and the CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service ad agency servicing Fortune 100 clients across the company’s 5 locations.



9.Sarah Carroll: International eCommerce Expert, International Speaker and Author, Founder of Grow Global 
With almost 20 years of experience in the eCommerce industry, Carroll is an international keynote speaker and bestselling author, and a world-leading expert on how to grow a business globally using digital channels. Her expertise and insights have propelled over 10,000 companies on their international digital journeys and showed them how to achieve up to 10x growth in online sales through her depth of knowledge of digital trade.



10.Amy Porterfield: CEO of Amy Porterfield, Inc., Podcast Host of Online Marketing Made Easy, Creator of Digital Course Academy & list Builders Society
Porterfield has nearly 2 decades of experience in social media marketing, including a 6-year period working for Tony Robbins, that led to her eventually starting her own successful online marketing company. She was named by Forbes as one of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers, and is considered an expert in growing email lists, creating digital courses, and promoting/selling courses online through webinars.



11.TJ Gamble: Founder & CEO of Jamersan 
TJ has 20 years of eCommerce experience and is the current CEO of Jamersan, a business specializing in quality eCommerce sites for over 10 years. He is a top 50 Magento Contributor, and produces weekly live streams on his eCommerceAholic platform covering tips and marketing tricks, and content. He is an expert in increasing conversion, optimizing marketing strategies, growing businesses, and increasing efficiency in B2B eCommerce offerings. His Youtube channel also provides consistent content on all topics relating to eCommerce.



12.Roger Dooley: Author, Marketing Pro and International Keynote Speaker with a History of Building High-Traffic Web Properties
Apart from being a recognized author and keynote speaker, Dooley writes the widely read blog Neuromarketing that covers the apex of neuroscience, marketing, psychology, and persuasion, and his own column on He spent years in direct marketing having co-founded a successful catalog firm, and was recently named a Top 50 Global Thought Leader on Customer Loyalty.


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Digital Commerce Transformation Experts


13.James Gurd: eCommerce Replatforming Consultant and eCommerce Strategy
He has more than 16 years of experience working with B2C and B2B brands including House of Fraser, Mars, Samsung, and currently focuses on helping guide  organizations through the challenges of a new platform or replatforming project. James also co-founded the Re:platform podcast, a weekly podcast that gives advice and guidance to ecommerce replatforming.



14.Paul Rogers: eCommerce Consultant at Vervaunt, co-host of Re:Platform Podcast
Paul has 15 years of experience working in eCommerce, primarily with brands all over the world. Now the Managing Director of Vervaunt, Paul now works in eCommerce consultancy with some clients including LUSH, Muji, The Bottle Club, and more. He also co-founded and co-hosts the Re:platform podcast with James Gurd.



15.Penny Gillespie: VP Analyst and Gartner Fellow at Gartner
Prior to joining Gartner a decade ago, Gillespie founded and managed Gillespie International, a consulting service specializing in mobile and online commerce, product development, and a few other key areas. She has published more than 225 articles, held various roles in product and marketing management, and recently spoke at Digital Commerce 360s EnvisionB2B.



16.Jay Baer: Founder of Convince & Convert, Marketing and Customer Experience Expert, Author, Advisor, Keynote Speaker
Now a renowned business strategist and keynote speaker, Jay is a bestselling author who has advised more than 700 companies since 1994, including Nike, Allstate, and Caterpillar. He is the founder of Convince & Convert, a consulting firm that focuses on helping companies optimize their social media, customer services, and technology.

Jay Baer



17.Rick Watson: CEO, Founder RMW, eCommerce Influencer and Strategy Consultant
Rick spent 20+ years as a technology entrepreneur and operator specifically in the eCommerce industry, and his work today is centered around supporting investors and management fostering growth in direct-to-consumer businesses. As a seasoned commerce consultant, Rick specializes in digital transformation, replatforming, eCommerce Strategy, and much more.



18.Jason Goldberg: Chief Commerce Strategy Officer at Publicis
With decades of experience in digital marketing and merchandising, Jason is an expert in all things online retail with a focus in omnichannel shopping experiences and transforming businesses with shopper marketing best practices. He now focuses his efforts on covering all content related to the future of retail and its changing landscape in the United States. 


B2B eCommerce Experts


19.Brian Beck: CEO, BECK Ecommerce
Brian has 20+ years of experience in the eCommerce industry and is considered a pioneer with more than a decade of experience as a hands-on C-level executive and eCommerce specialist. He has taken digital commerce operations to hundreds of millions in sales as a lead digital executive, with both early stage and multi-billion dollar enterprises. Now a trusted advisor to dozens of mid-market and global B2B firms in eCommerce strategy, digital transformation, and more, Brian is a widely published and quoted thought leader on eCommerce and digital transformation.


20.Andy Hoar: Founder of Paradigm B2B, Leading Authority on B2B eCommerce Business & Strategy | Author of Forrester’s B2B eCommerce Playbook
Andy is a world-leading authority on B2B eCommerce businesses and strategy, and has consulted extensively on distributors and manufacturers of Fortune 100 and leading B2B companies. Before founding Paradigm B2B, Andy was vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, where authored their definitive work on B2B eCommerce. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Internet, Retailer, Bloomberg, and more.


Digital Commerce Technology Experts


21.Emily Pfeiffer: Principal Analyst, Commerce Technology at Forrester Research
Emily has 20+ years of experience in the eCommerce industry, from management, operations, strategy and much more. She has a history of success including 72% YOY revenue growth in 2018, and serves digital business leaders in comprehensive coverage of commerce technology, B2C commerce solutions, and promotions.



22.Thomas Mulreid: Head of Sales at Orium
Thomas has been speaking about eCommerce for over 3 years, and focuses on covering brands making the transition to headless and Composable Commerce. He also educates people on Headless Strategies, the Composable Commerce ecosystem, and working towards shaping organizations to use technology with multi-interface experiences to reach business goals.



23.Brendan Witcher: VP & Principal Analyst, Digital Business Strategy, Forrester Research
Serving digital business strategy professionals and an expert on consumer behavior and technology trends in the commerce space, Brendan is a noted authority on market developments and vendors that help deliver today’s leading strategies and tactics in digital excellence. Witcher has been typically seen providing commentary and insights in industry media such as Bloomberg, CNBC, Marketplace, NPR and more. His LinkedIn blogs offer relevant insights on current eCommerce trends and advice navigating market conditions such as supply chain issues.



24.Mike Lowndes: Senior Director Analyst, Commerce Technologies and Experience at Gartner
Lowndes is best known as a digital commerce technology expert on the Digital Commerce and experiences team at Gartner, researching topics such as architecting a commerce platform, digital commerce platforms, and several other key eCommerce areas. He mainly contributes to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce report, tracking over 140 small and midsize players that are capitalizing on digital commerce market opportunities.


That's all folks, thanks for reading our full eCommerce expert list. If you enjoyed getting the deep dive into the top eCommerce influencers today, check out some of our other related blog content!

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