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Expertise in telecommunications

Telecom CEOs know that their products are really bundles and the future lies with data and data services. Maximizing ARPU and stabilizing churn, customer acquisition and retention are all key concerns in this fast-moving industry.

Elastic Path has the industry’s most advanced telecom ecommerce solution, including leading-edge product bundling, which when combined with our carrier-grade scalability, available enterprise hosting, and Cortex API, allows telecoms to monetize any customer touchpoint. Our experience in telecom ecommerce, and adjacent fields including media, entertainment, and technology, allow us to offer a level of expertise that is unrivalled.

How Elastic Path works for telecommunications

Elastic Path Commerce offers carrier-grade features and ultimate flexibility for clients who are at the forefront of innovation. We have a team dedicated solely to telecom ecommerce clients who know your business, and offer a level of expertise that is unrivalled among ecommerce vendors.

Turbocharge customer acquisition

Modernize your commerce infrastructure and gain access to dynamic bundling, pricing, subscriptions, offer management, and improved merchandising. Streamline plans, equipment packages, and content offerings for a vastly improved consumer experience, higher average order values, and reduced acquisition costs.

Build your digital empire

We power digital experiences with Cortex, patent-pending software that unites capabilities from all your business platforms into a single API. One interface brings the combined might of your entire ecosystem – CMS, CRM, and ecommerce – directly to your websites, mobile apps, and social feeds for the ultimate customer experience. Cortex is the world's most powerful API for building your digital empire.

Bring triple and quad-play products to market

Package complex cable, Internet, land-line, and mobile plans into compelling, easily marketed bundles that consumers will love. Elastic Path Commerce features fixed, dynamic or nested bundles for ultimate flexibility to improve ARPU.

Future-proof your digital content offerings

Leverage our expertise in digital content, which includes working with some of the biggest brands in media and technology, to help you effectively bring profitable next-generation music, video, and software services to your customers.

Build a true multichannel business

Extend critical telecom ecommerce functionality to call centers, customer care applications, mobile apps, and retail systems to provide a seamless consumer experience, reducing support costs and churn.

Streamline multiple brands

Standardize on one commerce platform with a low total cost of ownership. Advanced multi-store, multi-currency, and multi-language capabilities allow you to build an economy of scale while catering to diverse geographies and market segments.

Carrier-grade performance

Elastic Path Commerce has been battle-tested by some of the world’s most demanding customers, including a mobile operator with 150 million subscribers, effortlessly handling thousands of transactions per hour. Every year, we generate billions in digital revenue for our clients.

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