Training and Certifications

We are here to help get you and your team up and running as quickly as possible with a range of learning options. We have a variety of easy-to-consume, self-serve lessons, hands on exercises, as well as short interactive workshops. These learning programs are topic focused and include everything for Solution Architects, Developers, Quality Assurance Specialists, and Business Users.  

What training do you need?
We have different deployment models you or your team may be looking at. Each of these models have different learning programs. Select from the options below and get started on your learning track:

  • Elastic Path Commerce Cloud: These learning programs are focused on our microservices-based multi tenant SaaS solution.  They are comprised of architecture design, getting started with the API, and creating custom data with flows, to extensions using events, webhooks and serverless functions. If you want to learn configurations in the dashboard, we've got you covered with quick, short lessons for each dashboard function. 
  • Elastic Path Commerce: These programs relate to our on-premise or private cloud solution. On this track, programs are focused and include everything from architecture design, code customizations, Cortex API extensions, and configuration features. Real-life scenarios and simulations will give you practical experience with working with the API. If you want to learn commerce configurations, we've got you covered with quick, short lessons for each feature function. 


Interested in getting certified?

Our team benefited greatly from the training. Elastic Path has clearly taken care to understand and meet the needs of developers and to reduce friction by making the typically complex API orchestration process understandable and traceable. The platform is extensible in an understandable and well-documented way. The training helped our team to understand what is extensible, when to extend the platform, and how to do so using best-of-class serverless technologies. Everett Zufelt, VP Product, Myplanet