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What is JAMStack?

JAMStack is a software architecture and philosophy that allows building lightning fast and reliable front-ends. JAMStack stands for: Javascript, APIs, and (HTML) Markup. 

Speed is everything in the world of eCommerce, especially during peak sales seasons. JAMstack websites take care of all the instances where you need some dynamic rendering, like discount information, checkout process, payment, etc. where you would use JavaScript and APIs to do the work, be it custom-built or third party service plugged to your site.

The Building Blocks In a JAMStack Architecture:


JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is a popular programming language to develop front-end applications. It provides websites with interactive content like menus, animations, interactive maps, scrolling text, and other types of dynamic content. It is a core technology for modern websites, and works side-by-side with HTML and CSS to provide an enjoyable user experience.


Server side operations are abstracted into reusable APIs and accessed over HTTPS with JavaScript. APIs allow to decouple front-end from the back-end. Whether it’s add to cart or checkout operation, your application will use JavaScript to make an HTTP request to another service via APIs.


Websites are served as static HTML files. These can be generated from source files, such as Markdown, using a Static Site Generator.The core HTML or markup is rendered at build time, not runtime. In other words, the HTML is ready to go when the user requests the page, instead of being dynamically produced server-side when the user requests the page.

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Why Use JAMStack Commerce Solution?

JAMStack plays nicely along Elastic Path Commerce Cloud to provide you with control required to rapidly and reliably deliver superior commerce experiences to your customers

 JAMStackElastic Path Commerce Cloud
ControlProvide your teams with modern, best-practice methods and allow them to have full control with re-usable components, automated builds and more.Empower your teams with complete freedom to deliver differentiated commerce experiences according to your unique business requirements.
SpeedAchieve blazing speed for your web applications with the combination of pre-rendered, static HTML and CDNsQuickly and cost-effectively build, deploy, and continuously optimize commerce experiences.
TrustAbsence of complex server applications and databases makes JAMStack extremely scalable, reliable and secure.Highly scalable, reliable and secure commerce service entrusted by over 250 brands worldwide.

Want to be unique and move fast? You're in good company.

What is JAMstack?

With the rapid adoption of JAMstack among web developers, and enterprise technology companies, it is now the best time to explore the possibilities of JAMstack eCommerce solutions. Learn more about JAMstack benefits and why you should use it as a part of your eCommerce strategy.

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Jamming on JAMStack

Now that you've gotten up to speed on what JAMStack is and the benefits of leveraging the modern approach to build fast and reliable front-ends, you can dive more in-depth into how we support an eCommerce JAMStack architecture at Elastic Path.

One of our expert solutions architect discusses how he uses JAMStack, as a part of composable commerce approach, to bring digital dreams to life faster.

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React PWA Reference Storefront

Over the past few years at Elastic Path we've observed that "Reference Experiences" are crucial to the success of partners, customers, and all developers who wished to build upon their own front-end initiatives using our capabilities.

It all started with our JAMStack Elastic Path Commerce React PWA Reference Storefront, which gained traction for its headless eCommerce platform and full PWA storefront with various scenarios of B2C/B2B eCommerce, AR/VR shopping... read more

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