IoT Commerce: New Experiences in a Digitally Connected World

Elastic Path for IoT

IoT is the next big investment for a digital-first enterprise. Can your commerce platform support this new channel of growth?

IoT in Action

Learn from a real-life example on how wearables can transform customer experience. Watch how Carnival Corporation has taken the notion of frictionless commerce and given it a whole new identity.

Industrial IoT for Manufacturers

Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices are redefining B2B manufacturing by automating the ordering process and creating brand new Product-as-a-Service business model. Read this post to explore how you can leverage IIoT to drive business growth and increased revenue.

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An API-first Headless Platform

Explore IoT-enabled business models and transact in an automated manner, often without human intervention. With an API-first headless platform from Elastic Path, you are free to experiment with IoT right now.

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