Every Moment is Shoppable

Transform your eCommerce Retail Business with Elastic Path. Check out our top 10 digital merchandising strategies in our Merchandising Playbook.


Advantages of eCommerce Retail  


Deliver New Convenient Channels

Traditional website-only experiences are no longer going to cut it for today’s consumers. Shoppers are looking for convenient channels to browse and purchase with a single click, from any device. At Elastic Path, you’ll leverage best-in-breed technology and vendor selection to achieve your eCommerce goals now and into the future.

Reinvent In-store Commerce

Customers still visit brick-and-mortar stores but don’t want to be hassled with the old way of shopping. With Elastic Path solutions reinvent your in-store strategy by leveraging the latest digital technologies such as AR/VR to power in-store product search and virtual try on. Put the experience entirely in your customers control with easy mobile self-checkout, and multiple payment methods to fit their budget and busy lifestyles.


With Elastic Path, You Can

Make Every Moment Shoppable

Let your customers purchase wherever, whenever by empowering them at every point in the journey.

Unlock Omnichannel Experiences

Delight customers by offering a continuous experience across multiple channels, environments, and touchpoints.

Unleash Your Team to Innovate

Enjoy the freedom to leverage any new and emerging touchpoint including voice commerce, chatbots, AR/VR, and more.

Drive Personalized Interactions

Engage your customer through personalized search results, product recommendations, promotions, and user generated content.

The Sci-Fi Shopper

Future-Proof Your Brand for the Retail Customer of the Future  

Read the survey of 1,015 consumers and 300 B2C marketing professionals to understand what customers expect from brands and how brands are performing against those expectations.

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The Future of AI in Commerce

Use the power of AI in the Customer Experience

Leverage three main areas within AI to maximize its effectiveness. Learn how leading brands are using AI in combination with their B2C eCommerce platform to not only deeply engage their customers but also eliminate major pain points.

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How Does Elastic Path Lead the eCommerce Industry?


By simplifying the complex. Your business has a unique vision and requirements to bring your eCommerce goals to life. Let’s hear from some of our customers: 


A Catalog Built for eCommerce Retail

Innovative businesses often outgrow their rigid catalog management capabilities. Elastic Path has reinvented catalog management with Catalog Composer. This capability empowers your business users to easily create & manage unlimited complex catalogs in minutes, not weeks. See how Catalog Composer can transform your online shopping experiences in this demo.

A Truly Omnichannel Experience Calls for Unique Solutions

For both B2B and B2C brands, powering a differentiated experience full of personalized interactions and recommendations across multiple touchpoints is key. Leveraging AI-powered recommendations, chatbots, virtual try-ons, and “shopping the look” are paramount to creating memorable customer experiences.

Elastic Path provides a complete solution for retailers looking to take their digital presence to the next level. You’ll have the tools to replatform from existing monolith systems, for faster, highly customizable, differentiated commerce experiences to meet and exceed your customers’ demands.

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Top Barriers to Composable Commerce & How to Overcome Them

If your retail business is struggling to move quickly and impress customers with digital experiences, a Composable Commerce approach may be right for you by rapidly optimizing multiple best-of-breed solutions into one. Discover top tips and tricks for adopting this approach in this webinar.


What’s Trending in Retail eCommerce?

Our blog and eBook resources provide you with industry trends, insights, and what affects your day-to-day eCommerce goals and long-term strategy as you navigate a retail business. Here are a few highlights of hot topics:

  • Today’s shopper is savvy and crunched for time. Find out what customers expect from an online shopping experience and how to meet their growing demand for convenience.
  • Mobile Commerce is at the forefront of today’s shopping experience. In this eBook, read about trends, emerging technologies, and how to stay competitive in an increasingly mobile-driven world.
  • Merchandising is key to any eCommerce strategy. Now more than ever merchandisers are being called upon to wear many hats. What was once a role largely headed up in-store has evolved into a hybrid, omnichannel mix of in-store and online experiences. See what’s trending in merchandising strategy, and how Elastic Path supports product variation.

Retail eCommerce FAQs


Are You Considering a Complete Replatforming?

You aren’t alone when embarking on a project of this magnitude and commitment. We’ve created a guide to walk you through steps and considerations when making the move.


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