Make All Experiences Shoppable

Elastic Path Commerce for Retail

With Elastic Path, You Can

Make Every Moment Shoppable

Let your customers purchase wherever, whenever they want by extending commerce to any point in their journey.

Unlock Omnichannel Experiences

Delight by offering a continuous customer experience across multiple channels, environments and touchpoints.

Unleash Your Team to Innovate

Enjoy the freedom to leverage any new and emerging touchpoint including voice commerce, chatbots, AR/VR and more.

Drive Personalized Interactions

Engage your customer through personalized search results, product recommendations, promotions and content.

The Sci-Fi Shopper

Future-Proof Your Brand for the New Consumer

Read the survey of 1,015 consumers and 300 B2C marketing professionals to understand what customers expect from brands and how brands are actually performing against those expectations.

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The Future of AI in Commerce

Use the power of AI in the Customer Experience

Leverage three main areas within AI to maximize its effectiveness. Learn how leading brands are using AI in combination with their B2C eCommerce platform to not only deeply engage their customers but also eliminate major pain points.

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