Gaming Commerce

Make Buying a Part of the Game

With Elastic Path, You Can:

Keep Players Inside the Game.

Allow players to purchase anything they want within the game, without disrupting play.

Provide Personalized Offerings.

Cross sell, up sell, and promote impulse buys, targeted offers, and exclusive, real-world, game-related merchandise.

Unify the Players’ Experience.

Whether players purchase in-game on a traditional PC, mobile device or in-store, all transactions are seamlessly visible across all channels.

Add Buy Buttons Anywhere.

Give your developers the freedom to place single-click “buy” buttons anywhere in the game without them ever having to learn commerce logic.

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Read how retailers and brands cab deliver personalized offers at that precise moment when consumers are looking for products, no matter where they are, using any device or touchpoint they choose.

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Make Buying Part of the Game

Your games are about immersing the player in the experience. Elastic Path allows you to embed “buy” buttons into the experience to increase the likelihood of the player making a purchase.

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Nail Omnichannel for your Games

Whether your users buy in game, via a gaming console like an X-Box, a traditional PC or in-store, Elastic Path enables your players to transact across touchpoints and see all of their transaction history in one place.

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Unleash your Marketers

Leverage Elastic Path to gain a holistic commerce view of the customer, the games they play, what they like to buy and where they buy across different channels. Unleash your marketing teams to use this gold mine of info for upsell and cross sell opportunities.