Mobile Self-Checkout for Superior In-Store Experience

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud for in-store

Shoe store
Pop-up Event Self-checkout

Connect with shoppers right where they stand. Create unique, fun experiences like pop-up shops, stores-within-stores, trunk sales, and more with minimal lead time and preparation. Avoid getting bogged down trying to set up a full POS to engage and sell to on-site shoppers.

Magic Mirror

Maximize the potential of the moment shoppers are most engaged -- when they’re looking at themselves wearing your product. Provide them with additional information and helpful tools to help them finalize their purchase decision.

Magic Mirror
Mobile Self-Checkout Demo

Give your customers hassle-free shopping experience at your retail stores. Our in-store self-checkout solution allows consumers to skip the lines and kiosks by turning their smartphone into a POS. All without needing to download a mobile app. Our mobile self-checkout ready-to-go library allows you to quickly add in-store touchpoint to your channel mix and dramatically reduce waiting times for your customers.

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Learn how Stance has created excellent experience for their guests across the customer journey with mobile self-checkout.