Product Content Management

The Alternative to Rigid & Time-Consuming Catalog Management

Check out our 30-minute demo to learn how Product Content Management reduces time spent on managing catalogs 

Products, pricing, and catalogs are the core of your digital business. They determine what your customers can purchase and at what price depending on their unique context. But traditional catalog management functionality was built 15 years ago when digital commerce strategies were simple and slow-moving.

That’s why we created Product Content Management. This service empowers you to use your existing data structure to rapidly compose and continuously optimize products and pricing into unlimited, unique catalogs across all your routes-to-market such as multiple brands, accounts, geographies, touchpoints, business models, and loyalty tiers.

In this demo you'll discover: 

  • How to import and enhance products and pricing
  • How to compose unlimited catalogs
  • How to dynamically assign personalized catalogs
  • Our newest updates including attributes, sales & volume pricing, catalog rollbacks and scheduled validity times 

Product Content Management