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Cnetric Global Inc.


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Cnetric Global Inc. is a global Systems Integrator, with over 16 years of experience, out to disrupt this demanding world of digital commerce. With operations in over 15 countries, they deliver high-value solutions spanning Digital B2C & B2B Omni-Channel Commerce, Web/Mobile Applications, Marketing and Analytics, Cloud/Dev Ops, Emerging Tech and much more.

Cnetric understands that the pace of innovation has significantly fragmented the solutions landscape, making it harder to unify the Commerce ecosystem and, eventually, undermining customer experience. High implementation and maintenance costs and time-to-market delays can further increase TCO and erode ROI.

Cnetric's core engine of change is their Universal Commerce Suite, which unifies the best-of-breed Elastic Path platform and ecosystem point solutions under one contract. This offers our customers a high value eCommerce solution at rapid time-to-market and significantly reduced costs. With Universal Commerce, they unlock your potential for rapid innovation."