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Pixie Labs - Business-Ready Solution for Subscriptions



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This business-ready solution, built by Elastic Path partner, Pixie Labs, allows for B2B, B2C, and D2C brands to quickly create and customize unique subscription services for their customers that drive predictable and scalable revenue channels. 

It is a complete subscription management solution for brands who want to create and customize personalized subscription services to their unique product requirements and customer needs. Built on top of Elastic Path Commerce Cloud this solution comes pre-integrated with Stripe for payments, Postmark for email services, an analytics dashboard built by Pixie Labs, and allows brands to build differentiated subscriptions services from scratch, or as an addition to their existing Elastic Path implementation.

This Pre-Composed Solution™ removes the complexity of custom building or integrating a subscription solution so you can start powering subscription experiences faster, increasing customer retentions rate and driving a predictable source of revenue.

With the joint solution from Pixie Labs and Elastic Path, brands will have access to a complete end-to-end eCommerce subscriptions solution that offers:

  • Speed to Market: Brands can get up and running in weeks and update with ease as market demands and product offerings change
  • High configurability: Brands will be able to cater to customer specific subscription preferences that usually involves complex bundling of products, pricing, and promotions.
  • Sustained and predictable revenue: By offering more cost-effective models to customers through subscription services, brands will be able to yield a higher retention rate, which would lead to more predictable revenue.
  • Reduced Cost: Brands can reduce their over total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to license multiple software vendors to achieve their personalized subscription management solution.

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Current, subscription features include the ability for your customers to:

  • Subscribe to the items they want 
  • Subscribe to bundles of items 
  • Select their subscription frequency  
  • Update the items in their subscription 
  • Pause/restart/cancel subscription 

Note: Pixie Labs is continuing to develop this Pre-Composed Solution™, additional features on the roadmap are:

  • Subscription trial sign up
  • Change the next shipping date  
  • Change subscription frequency  
  • Add one-off items their next order 
  • Subscription dashboard with customer and sales data 

Architecture Diagram

Subscription architecture

Use Cases

Business to Business or Direct to Customer (B2B or D2C)

  • An important competitive differentiation is for the brand to enable the selling of products or bundles of products or services to their customers on a recurring bases. But out-of-the-box subscription solutions don’t allow you to differentiate the experience from competitors and custom subscription solutions take too long to get to market. This Pre-Composed Solution™ contains subscription functionality to enable quick release of this functionality and get to market quickly, but is also fully customizable to meet specific subscription requirements.