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Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

Pre-Composed Solution™ for D2C

A Pre-Composed Solution™ for D2C use cases with a Next JS reference architecture, core Elastic Path commerce capabilities, and key third party integrations.  This solutions provides what brands need to migrate off Salesforce and create the engaging, fast experiences that customers demand- without the risk. It gives eCommerce teams the control to design and launch unique product experiences, the flexibility to use their chosen best-of-breed partners, and the modern architecture to power lightning-fast experiences- all at a lower cost.

Includes the following third party integrations:

  • Layer0 (Hosting and CDN with PCI container)

  • NextJS(Front End/BFF)

  • Storybook (Component-driven development)

  • Flexible choice of third-party integrations like search, content management, and more


  • Speed-to-market

  • Flexibility and scale

  • Site Performance

  • Best-for-me, third-party integrations 

  • Brands can focus on unique value-add features


Why this matters:

  • Control - Merchandise for your unique requirements and power best-of-breed experiences with one platform

  • Drive revenue & reduce TCO - Accelerate time to market and pay less for talent and customizations

  • De-risk - Confidently embrace modern technology

Architecture Diagram

D2C Architecture


    Risk of migrating to a Composable Commerce approach

    • While many brands feel limited by their rigid, legacy technology, the risk factors (cost, time, and fear of the unknown) of migrating hold them back. This results in brands being unable to meet customer expectations, spending copious amounts of money of customizations, and all around struggling to make changes quickly.  This is a complete package that reduces total cost, time to market, and provides the core technology to power innovative experiences. With increased confidence, brands are more likely to see the speed-to-market and revenue impacts of Composable Commerce.

    Rigid platform and dated reference architecture

    • A dated reference architecture results in cookie cutter experiences, an inability to push updates out quickly, and slow sites.  Development teams are frustrated by legacy technology. Either having to fight it, give up, or complete expensive workarounds.  This results in delayed time to market and an inability to meet the business teams requirements. This migration package gives you the control to deliver unique requirements and rapidly launch & optimize, best-of-breed, fast customer experiences - especially in terms of product and catalog experiences. The complete Elastic Path offering empowers developers with the most modern and flexible architecture to meet business team needs by quickly creating and optimizing businesses. Push out updates quickly, meet customer expectations, outpace competitors and therefore drive more conversions AND revenue through the platform.