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    Instant On



    Pricing Model

    Quotation Based


This Coveo Instant On integration is pre-built to support a no-code integration from Elastic Path Composable Commerce to Coveo. The integration can be configured quickly within Commerce Manager and run immediately to set up your Coveo indexes.

Coveo is a Cloud-based Experience Intelligence Platform providing search, recommendation, and personalization to power intelligent shopping & buying experiences. Coveo unifies data from any source and learns from every interaction across channels to tailor experiences that increase conversion & average order value, lower costs to serve, and drive customer satisfaction. Coveo also arms merchandisers with the automation and insight needed to reduce manual effort and optimize shopping experiences that bring the most value to the business.

Learn more about our partnership with Coveo.

Key Features:

  • Full catalog updates
  • Delta catalog updates
  • Handles multiple catalogs