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This integration between Contentstack and Elastic Path Commerce Cloud enables complete catalog synchronization with no code configuration. The connector fetches products and hierarchies from your Elastic Path store into Contentstack entries. Content editors can then select and promote products and hierarchies directly within the CMS, without having to login to the Elastic Path Commerce Cloud back end. Merchandisers can enrich both landing pages as well as PDPs.

The Elastic Path Commerce Cloud integration from Contentstack is also extensible, allowing for customization to fit with business user challenges. 

Functional Features:

  • Can add products and hierarchies from Elastic Path Commerce Cloud into Contentstack Entries.
  • Can preview the full details of any added products alongside the Contentstack Entry.
  • Can rearrange the list of added products in Contentstack Entry, either in the list view or card view.
  • While adding products or hierarchies, users can filter them by catalog, and in the case of products, they can also filter by hierarchies.
  • While adding products, users can use full-text search by name & SKU, and by name & ID while adding hierarchies.

Non-Functional Features:

  • Scalable and secure. This integration adheres to Contentstack’s best practices for app development, security, and scalability.

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Use Cases

Use Cases:

Easily add products and hierarchies to Contentstack: You can easily add products and hierarchies to Contentstack, and view them within the Custom Fields. You can also view the product details within the Sidebar Widget.

Organize products easily: To reorder a list of products, you can simply drag and drop the products.

Ease of search for products and hierarchies: You can easily search a product by its name and by the SKU of the product. For the hierarchies, you can search them by name or by the ID.

Filter products and hierarchies: You can filter products by catalog and hierarchies. You can also filter the hierarchies by catalog.