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According to the State of Composable Commerce 2021 Report, over three-fourths of respondents who had implemented a Composable Commerce approach expect at least 25% savings over three years. Explore our pricing to understand more

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Understanding the Cost of an API-first, Headless Commerce Microservices Solution



Determining Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

When thinking about cost, it’s important to ensure your TCO is based on your complete commerce solution and not just a MACH platform. You’ll want a vendor that offers a complete solution, including pre-integrations with third party technology and comprehensive support, so you can drive business results in weeks, not months. With this in mind, the cost of an API-first, Headless Commerce Solution really depends on your business requirements. Factors like:

  • How many third party technologies do you plan to integrate?
  • What is your timeline?
  • How many different brands, geographies, or touchpoints do you plan to support?
  • Do you have a B2C, B2B, B2B2C business model, or multiple business models?

Will impact your TCO.


To better understand cost, review key elements of a complete Composable Commerce solution below or, check out our TCO guide.


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Explore Elastic Path Pricing

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud
  • Composable, API-first Headless Commerce microservices solution for digitally-driven branded manufacturers
  • Priced based on transaction volume, either GMV or orders processed
  • Pricing typically starts around $50,000 USD/year
Pre-Composed Solutions™
  • Pre-built, business-ready solutions composed from Elastic Path Commerce Cloud or Elastic Path Commerce functionality and 3rd party integrations
  • Pricing for these solutions is determined through a scoping call with a member of our team to better understand which solution meets your unique needs
  • Custom-compose a solution for your unique needs using accelerators
  • While many accelerators are included, partner integrations each have their own cost based on your business requirements
  • This can be determined through a conversation with our team



Composable Commerce XA™
  • Experience Assurance (XA) that de-risks the management of multi-vendor solutions by using our proprietary monitoring and holistic issue resolution, all handled by our expert 24x7 global support team
  • 25% of your annual Elastic Path Commerce Cloud contract, capped at $25,000 USD/year
Elastic Path Commerce
  • Headless Commerce platform purpose-built for telecommunications, utilities, and companies selling regulated goods/services
  • Choose the deployment that meets your needs: on-prem or private cloud
  • Pricing for Elastic Path Commerce is determined through a scoping call with a member of our team

Easily Launch Unique, Unlimited Product Catalogs 

Create unlimited catalogues for different accounts, regions, or touchpoints by decoupling products, price books, hierarchies, and catalogs with Catalog Composer.


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