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Dec 26, 2012 | 2 minute read

Why Ecommerce is a Lot Like Cat Memes

written by Linda Bustos

A few years back, we ran a round-up of Get Elastic topical posts based off the ICanHasCheezburger meme. There have been over hundreds of Get Elastic posts and even a few more cat memes since. Rather than the typical best-of Get Elastic post we usually run at this time of year, this edition highlights Get Elastic's top 5 topical areas. (If you don't like cat memes, please ignore the images and enjoy catching up on the articles you may have missed).

Conversion optimization

6 CAPTCHA Alternatives to Improve Conversion

Conversion Rate Optimization: Rethinking the HIPPO

The 3 Ps of Cross Selling in the Cart

3 Often Overlooked Checkout Usability Guidelines

E-Commerce Conversion Optimization from Entry to Checkout

How to Execute The Perfect Cart Abandonment Email [Infographic]

Meme: Business Cat


Should you test prices online?

Best Practice Gone Bad: 4 Shocking A/B Tests

Lisa Simpson Gets Why Correlation Does Not Imply Causation

Good-Bye Google Website Optimizer: What This Means for Conversion Testing

Meme: Tardar Sauce the Grumpy Cat

Mobile commerce

Escape From The Walled Garden: How HTML5 Trumps Native Mobile Apps

Is it Finally Time for Tablet Commerce?

Screen Time: Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior [Infographic]

2 Killer Examples of App-Like Email Campaigns

Carrier Billing: Understanding the Other Alternative Payment

Will Mobile Commerce Overtake Ecommerce? [Infographic]

Navigating Ecommerce 2.0 and The New Consumer Reality

Selling Value-added Services to Mobile Customers

t-commerce: 11 Innovations to “Watch”

What Microsoft Surface Means to Ecommerce

Mobile Games: The Economics of Freemium [Infographic]

Meme: HipsterKitty

Social media marketing

Is F-Commerce "Fail" Commerce?

How Facebook’s New Open Graph Features Impact fCommerce

5 Tips for Custom Facebook Open Graph Buttons

How Social Login Impacts Ecommerce [Infographic]

The Pinterestization Of The Web: Fab or Fad?

Why Pinterest Could Be a Real Contender for Commerce [Infographic]

5 Tips for Custom Facebook Open Graph Buttons

API and digital disruption

23 Fun Facts About APIs [Infographic]

APIs: The Difference Between Good and Great

7 Wicked Ecommerce Applications of Shopping APIs

4 Reasons Why Entitlements Are The Future of Digital Content

The Rise of Shopping APIs [Infographic]

Hot as HATEOAS: Why We Built A HATEOAS Server From Scratch

API as a Product: How Pearson Education is Monetizing its Content

Creating New Business Models with Transactional APIs