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Nov 11, 2021 | 2 minute read

Elastic Path Steps Challenge

written by Michaela Sell

During the month of September, Elastic Path employees had the opportunity to participate in a steps challenge, during which participants logged total steps each week. The goal of the challenge was to have fun and motivate everyone to get outside and walk a little more each day.

I asked Elastic Path employees if they had daily step goals, how they hit their goals, if it was a challenge to get outside every day, and if having a goal individually motivated them. Find out what people had to say!

The steps challenge pushed more individuals to get outside and stay active. Employees who participated set a goal between 7,000-20,000 steps a day.  

Megan Callanan, People and Culture Advisor, successfully hit her steps goal by making sure she would walk at least once during her workday. The challenge reminded her how important it is to focus on herself and step away from her desk to get fresh air outside; whether she went on hikes, or long walks weather permitting.

Matt Davies, IT Support Technician, was able to push himself on longer walks with his two canine companions, Barney and Luna. The challenge motivated Matt to walk more than what he normally would with his dogs. The challenge encouraged him to explore new places around his home in the U.K. and enjoy the scenery.

Melanie Reynolds, Senior Deliver Manager, went on longer hikes once a week and increased her step goals by going on walks around her neighborhood. The challenge also motivated Mel to get out and stay active every day. Mel says “I did have to give myself a purpose on each walk though, if I was walking by myself - I would explore things like bookstores, thrift stores, and new places in the neighborhood.”

Andra Scortzaru, Sales and Marketing Operations Manager, would try to hit at least 7,000 steps a day toward her goal. She would take an afternoon walk-weather permitting, and a two mile walk after work.

Andra and her husband are avid hikers and can be found outside anytime the weather is nice. Andra says, “Being outside is my happy place. Therefore, even without the challenge, I strive to be active and outside as much as I can. What I appreciated about the challenge was seeing the competitiveness amongst other employees, as well as the amazing pictures of all the places people went.”

It is important to her personally to take breaks throughout the workday, and the step challenge allowed more people to do the same-leading to a healthier work environment and overall culture.

All told, Elastic Path employees walked 3,897,021 steps which equals to 2,969 kilometers!