June 7th, 2009 | 1 MIN READ

4th Annual Marketing Pilgrim SEM Scholarship Contest

Written by Linda Bustos

Linda is an ecommerce industry analyst and consultant specializing in conversion optimization and digital transformation.

If you've been trekking with Get Elastic for longer than a year, you may recall a post I submitted to the Marketing Pilgrim SEM Scholarship Contest: 8 Stupid Things Webmasters Do To Mess Up Their Analytics. I had the honor of winning the contest and scooped up a bunch of cool prizes including a trip to Search Engine Strategies in San Jose (check out our video coverage here).

Once again, there are a ton of cool prizes up for grabs, and I recommend any search marketing blogger to take the time to enter. You really don't even need a blog to enter, just write a relevant article. I'll be judging this year. You can send me flowers, chocolate covered grasshoppers and iPhone accessories as long as you don't expect that to influence my vote!

Just a few tips for your article, this is what the judges liked about my article last year:

* Enticing title.
* Engaging questions at the beginning of the post.
* Short, easily digestible, paragraphs with easy-to-read bullet points.
* Lots of graphics to break-up the text and actually demonstrate the tips.
* Lots of useful links.

Go on and enter the contest here.

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