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Jun 8, 2009 | 1 minute read

4th Annual Marketing Pilgrim SEM Scholarship Contest

written by Linda Bustos

If you've been trekking with Get Elastic for longer than a year, you may recall a post I submitted to the Marketing Pilgrim SEM Scholarship Contest: 8 Stupid Things Webmasters Do To Mess Up Their Analytics. I had the honor of winning the contest and scooped up a bunch of cool prizes including a trip to Search Engine Strategies in San Jose (check out our video coverage here).

Once again, there are a ton of cool prizes up for grabs, and I recommend any search marketing blogger to take the time to enter. You really don't even need a blog to enter, just write a relevant article. I'll be judging this year. You can send me flowers, chocolate covered grasshoppers and iPhone accessories as long as you don't expect that to influence my vote!

Just a few tips for your article, this is what the judges liked about my article last year:

* Enticing title.
* Engaging questions at the beginning of the post.
* Short, easily digestible, paragraphs with easy-to-read bullet points.
* Lots of graphics to break-up the text and actually demonstrate the tips.
* Lots of useful links.

Go on and enter the contest here.