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Sep 19, 2007 | 1 minute read

Social Media Marketing Guide - Step 2: Producing

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This post is part two our Social Media Guide, a companion post to our presentation "Self-evolving eCommerce: Using Consumer Generated Content for Fun and Profit" at the Annual Summit in Las Vegas.

The Offense is on the field lining up, getting everyone in place to snap the ball.

1. Contributing

  • Sponsor other people's social media (Toshiba on Ask a Ninja)
  • Responding to social media that's already talking about you

2. Text

  • You already have it (newsletters, training, ads)
  • Outsource (mommy bloggers)
  • White Paper: Blogging for Retailers (and Podcast)

3. Video

4. Audio

5. Interactive

6. User Generated

  • UK Company - Sloggi Underwear Best Butt Contest

Spend time on titles: Copyblogger Guide to Effective Headline Writing

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