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Aug 2, 2023 | 2 minute read

Introducing Curated Products: Elevate Your Merchandising Power!

written by Dan Morley

We are thrilled to announce an exciting addition to Elastic Path Product Experience Manager: curated products!

Curated products is now available in Commerce Manager (our business user tooling), API directly and the JS SDK.

Curated products empowers your merchandisers to take their product promotions to a whole new level. With this powerful feature at your fingertips, you can now curate and showcase specific products above others, driving customer engagement and boosting sales like never before.

Why is curated products important for your business? Here are a few key benefits:

  1. Strategic Promotions: Whether you need to clear excess stock or run a targeted sales period, curated products allows you to prioritize and promote selected items with ease. Curate your product catalog to shine the spotlight on the items that matter most to your business goals.
  2. Enhanced Visibility: By featuring curated products, you ensure they are prominently displayed across your digital storefront. This increased visibility maximizes their chances of catching your customers' attention and driving conversions.
  3. Tailored Customer Experiences: With curated products, you have the power to create unique shopping experiences for different customer segments. Highlight specific products to cater to the preferences and interests of various audiences, enabling personalized interactions and higher customer satisfaction.
  4. Flexible Configuration: The curated products feature is designed with your merchandising needs in mind. Easily curate product collections, change priorities, and adjust the display order according to your evolving business requirements. Stay in control and adapt to market dynamics seamlessly.

Curated products is just one of the many innovative features within Elastic Path Product Experience Manager that aims to empower merchants like you to drive growth, improve customer experiences, and maximize revenue potential.

Ready to harness the true potential of curated promotions? Reach out to our dedicated Customer Success representative to learn more about how curated products can transform your merchandising strategies today.

You can find the documentation for the curated products feature here: