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Jul 10, 2023 | 3 minute read

Integrations Hub Adds Pimberly Instant-On integration to Power Omnichannel Experiences with Product Information Management (PIM)

written by Abisola Adeyemo

At Elastic Path, we strive to empower all brands to embrace Composable Commerce.  

One way we do this is through our Integrations Hub, a library of instant-on, no-code integrations, that vastly reduces the time to build composable solutions Integrations Hub is a key capability of Composer, our iPaaS purpose-built for commerce. With Integrations Hub, any user can select and deploy powerful integrations and business functions with just a few clicks.

We’re excited to share that Pimberly, a product information management (PIM) solution, has been added to the Integrations Hub! 

How to get started with Pimberly

Check out our quick demo to see how simple and fast it is to deploy the Pimberly integration and seamlessly consolidate key product data.  

Check out our documentation page to learn more about how Pimberly’s PIM supports brands with data importation, organization, and enrichment.

Who is Pimberly

Pimberly is a powerful product information management (PIM) solution that helps brands transform their omnichannel customer experience. Pimberly not only provides a PIM solution for brands, but it also includes digital asset management (DAM) to enrich, store, and distribute digital media assets.

They are an innovative, cloud-based SaaS platform for all your product data and digital assets. The platform is designed to handle unlimited numbers of SKUs, data feeds, and channels for leading brands and businesses. A centralized hub enables you to create a vital ‘golden record’ for all product information.  
They provide their customers with automated spec and sell sheets, and automatically generated product attributes and descriptions through the power of AI. Product onboarding is also made a seamless endeavor - from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of products, new or old. 

And with the most advanced self-service vendor portal on the market, Pimberly is truly a  next generation PIM solution.

What can you do with Pimberly 

Integrating Pimberly with Elastic Path allows brands to get their products to market quickly, increase their average order value by implementing effective product merchandising strategies, expand to new global markets and channels rapidly, and optimize SEO. 

You can seamlessly integrate your existing PIM with Elastic Path, including with our Product Experience Manager product, to ensure a consistent view of product and pricing data.

Having PIM software that manages product data and digital assets in a central platform helps to streamline product data management and supports more efficient merchandising strategies. This way, you can maintain data consistencies and distribute product information to multiple sales channels, geographies, or any other omnichannel experience.

If you already have an enterprise PIM, you can also seamlessly integrate your existing PIM with Elastic Path. This can be done with our product experience manager product to ensure a consistent view of product and pricing data.

You can explore other integrations in the Integrations Hub here