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Aug 2, 2019 | 2 minute read

Improve customer experience with Progressive Web App benchmarks

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The majority of shoppers have moved from desktop to mobile. And, we know that the conversion rate for mobile shoppers on a responsive site is about a third of what it is from desktop shoppers. However, for innovative retailers trying modern web technology like Progressive Web Apps, there aren’t a lot of benchmarks. Until now.

As more and more companies move towards Progressive Web Apps (PWA), they want to be able to compare their metrics to industry averages and identify opportunities to improve their customer experience. 

Mobify’s latest edition of the Mobile Commerce Insights Report is filled with Progressive Web App benchmarks, like micro-conversion rates, plus it offers advice on how to solve for some of the major pain points.

Exploring PWA Micro-Conversion Rates

A great way to spot pain points or areas for improvement across your PWA is to inspect your micro-conversion or continuation rates (i.e. the rates at which shoppers move down the funnel of your site). These include visiting a Product Description Page (PDP), then going from a PDP to Cart, Cart to Checkout and, lastly, Checkout to Purchase.

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How to Fix Low Micro-Conversion Rates

A low Start-to-PDP rate could indicate bulky, slow-loading images on your product pages, which should be size-optimized and content optimized to create a smooth, fast browsing experience.

A low PDP-to-Cart rate could be improved with small design changes to the placement of the Add To Cart button. A/B testing between different placements will help you decide which location best suits your customers. A slow load from a previous product page could also introduce frustration in the shopper experience, causing them to abandon the session. As always, look for ways to create a smooth, fast browsing experience.

A low Cart-to-Checkout rate could indicate friction in your cart. Ensure that the shopper can view their cart items and subtotal in a transparent way, so they are comfortable moving forward with the checkout process. 

A low Checkout-to-Purchase rate could indicate friction in your checkout. Always allow guest checkout, Apple pay, and field fillers so shoppers can make a quick, impulse purchase. That is part of the fun of shopping on a mobile device!