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Sep 2, 2021 | 4 minute read

Employee Spotlight: Inside Elastic Path With Rosie Hamilton

written by Michaela Sell


Our people are the center of everything we do at Elastic Path. The “Inside Elastic Path” series is designed to give you insight on what it's like the be a part of our team. Get to know Rosie Hamilton, a Senior Software Engineer, who celebrated her one-year work anniversary last month.


Q: Can you describe a usual workday as a Senior Software Engineer?

Rosie: Elastic Path has several offices across different time zones. Since I live in UK, I start my work day catching up on slack messages and emails from my colleagues in Canada and the U.S. The rest of the day I have sprint meetings to see how far along we are. I am generally working towards building new features, such as a “Green-Field Service,” so I am quite lucky I get to build things out for the first time.

Q: What is typically the highlight of your day or week?

Rosie: The highlight is towards the end of the sprint, when we get to the sprint review. The developers come together to show off what we built.

Q: In your current role, is there something you are most proud of?


Q: How would you describe the culture at Elastic Path?

Rosie: The culture at Elastic Path is friendly, open and supportive. We get the autonomy to do our own work, and we collaborate and ask for help when needed. There are “no stupid questions,” everyone is very helpful; if you are stuck something you can ping someone on slack, everyone is willing to help.

Q: How has your experience been since shifting to remote work? Have you felt supported?

RosieI started this job as a remote worker during the pandemic. There have been positives to working remotely, employees reach out on how I am doing every day, and I constantly feel supported at my role at Elastic Path. I hope to go into an office soon, to meet new faces, since I haven't met anyone in my new city yet.

Q: How has Elastic Path supported your learning & development?

Rosie: Elastic Path provides an allowance and dedicated learning and development days every year. During the pandemic I got to attend a development conference called GopherCon EU, that was all remote and I got to do that online. In October, I plan to attend GopherCon UK using the rest of my allowance and that event is face-to-face. So, I am hoping to go to that conference in person.

Q: Thinking back, what were the reasons that made you join Elastic Path? What are the reasons you choose to stay?

Rosie: One of my former colleagues was working at Elastic Path. I saw a post about an open position and decided to message them and apply. They gave me information when I asked about the open position. The position was primarily developing using the Go programming language, which I am very passionate about. The main reason I chose Elastic Path is the person I knew was able to vouch for the company, indicating the good culture, friendly team and the software they are building is quite exciting.

Q: Tell me about something that motivates you before work or during work?

Rosie: Something that motivates me to stay fit and healthy is working out. I work out by doing weightlifting, running, rowing and climbing. I just started doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I use my EP Gym and Fitness allowance to pay towards the jiu-jitsu classes, which is really nice, since I enjoy staying active. I like working out before work or during lunch time, I usually get out to do some running. I like being at home because it means I have my stuff here, so I can eat, write, and train from home.

Stay tuned for our next “Inside Elastic Path” series. If you are interested joining our team, check out our open listings and apply today.