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Dec 3, 2020 | 2 minute read

eComm Weekly: Walmart's New Test Stores

written by Shaneil Lafayette

Walmart is experimenting with a lot in their new test stores focused on efficiency and the consumer! I lay it all out in this quick overview. 

eCommerce Weekly. What's new and what's noteworthy?

Now, Walmart has clearly been listening to their customers because with their newly rolled out stores, they'll be implementing things like Augmented Reality, Mobile and a new check out process. And this is actually aimed at helping both in store shoppers online shoppers alike. And so they will be testing things out like assortment, inventory, picking and a new check out process, which I mentioned before. So what does this look like?

Firstly, WalMart wants to become truly Omni Channel, so the first thing that they're going to be doing is offering the same things that they do in store, online. Which they don't currently do.

Secondly, they want to get products to the shelves faster. So they're actually getting rid of that scanning barcodes system that they usually do in the back, and they're implementing an augmented reality app that helps the workers see what's ready to go out. So it will get things to the shelves quicker.

And lastly, they are getting rid of the traditional lane check out system and doing more of an open system, which is a full service self check out experience. Now you may think this is getting rid of the workers, the cashiers, it actually doesn't. They transition into a new job where they are now considered a host, and so they will actually guide the consumers through the process of checking out. Or the consumers can actually choose to do whole full service with their host. And so we think this is going to be really helpful when stores get busy.

And we know that Walmart is actually competing with the speed of their competitors right now. So we'll see if this actually helps consumers. That's all for equal weekly. Tell me what you think.