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Oct 22, 2021 | 2 minute read

Best for Me Commerce: Video | Elastic Path

written by Emily Kathi


Compose and Optimize Commerce

Your Way Not all e-commerce journeys look the same, especially in a diverse landscape where businesses of all industries, sizes, and scale compete for market share. When out-of-the-box solutions simply won’t do, you need the tools and support to grow your e-Commerce playbook with “best for me” solutions.

We recently hosted a webinar: How to Compose & Optimize “Best for Me” Commerce featuring Forrester Senior Analyst, Emily Pfeiffer, and Elastic Path SVP of Product & Customer Success, Bryan House. Keep reading for a recap of what we covered and the full recording.

Overview: Getting the Lay of the Replatforming Land

Pfeiffer kicked us off with powerful industry insights about the state of legacy tech from survey results: with a third of digital companies looking to replatform while maintaining business as usual. However, the task at hand is complex and potentially daunting. It’s undoubtedly a costly and lengthy feat.

Pfeiffer goes on to share how for some businesses, the transition is a gradual one with increased implementation of SaaS solutions. While early commerce solutions focused on a single platform, increasingly, digital businesses are integrating solutions from many vendors.

From there Pfeiffer takes a deep dive into the way forward for today’s businesses toward their e-Commerce goals. She covers hot button issues like modular architecture challenges, and best practices in vendor selection based on operations and experience functionalities.

What Your Path Looks Like and How Elastic Path Can Help

Our own Bryan House adds to the discussion with his take on the “Best for Me” approach, largely focused on the hero of the story: SaaS solutions. He provides an overview of Elastic Path products, along with real world examples of how companies benefit from each regardless of where you are in the process. From this portion of the webinar, you’ll see the blueprint begin to unfold for a true headless architecture and specific use case benefits.