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Nov 4, 2021 | 4 minute read

Inside Elastic Path with Chandni Prashar

written by Michaela Sell

Our Inside Elastic Path series features Chandni Prashar, a Functional Specialist based in Vancouver, Canada. Chandni joined Elastic Path three and a half years ago and is very involved in company-wide initiatives like the employee resource group (ERG) for wellness. She truly believes that Mental Health at work is very important and a key element of overall wellness. Learn more about her role, and what she loves about working at our company.

Q: Can you describe a usual workday as a Functional Specialist?

Q: So, tell me about your role, is there anything you are most proud of?

Chandni: I am part of the Professional Services team at Elastic Path; we help our customers grasp how they can potentially utilize our products to solve their day-to-day commerce problems most efficiently. I really enjoy strategically designing and leading our discovery workshops, where we extract the high-level business needs and technical considerations from customer stakeholders.

I am most proud of how our Professional Services team guides each customer through their journey of discovering their real business needs,rather than jumping straight to solutioning and potentially not solve the true business problem.

Q: How would you describe the culture at Elastic Path?

Chandni: The culture at Elastic Path is all about bringing your whole self to work and help each other. When I first interviewed with Elastic Path, everyone I met was very open and remarkable at what they do. And I’m happy to report that the culture at Elastic Path has only improved from when I first joined.

Our current leadership team really put a lot of effort in listening to what the employees have to say. Our CEO, Jamus, recently did a listening tour where we candidly discussed -what’s the current state of the company culture & how can we improve it even further. I’ve also been privileged to be part of the vision statement work that our CEO has undertaken. It includes a very diverse team in every way possible.

Q: Thinking back from when you first joined Elastic Path, what led you to join the company?

Chandni: I found out about the role through a friend who worked at Elastic Path. So, I applied on the company website and sent my friend a quick text, asking if she can refer me. After that it was a very quick process to interviewing and scoring the job!

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Q: How important is wellness, and do you believe it is beneficial for employees to practice?

Chandni: I can’t stress this topic enough; wellness and mental health are really important! I am part of an employee resource group which runs the Wellness slack channel at our company. The leadership team takes wellness very seriously. For example, during the month of September, we had a steps challenge where everyone who wanted to participate, would log their steps every Friday. It was amazing to see how many people participated.

October was Mental Health Awareness month and we had a Canadian Olympian, who opened her heart about her life journey and mental health. This talk stirred an honest discussion about mental health at our company. This November, employees in our company are participating in the Movember challenge. This movement was made to prevent mental health and suicide, prostate cancer and testicular cancer, helping men live happier, healthier and longer lives.


Q: Going off the topic of mental health, you have also started weekly meditation zooms for the company; how have those been going?

Chandni: So far, the response has been excellent! The idea is to organize a bi-weekly company-wide meditation practice for the whole month of October, where we practice a ~15 mins guided meditation as a group. People have been responding back with positive feedback, and it is wonderful to hear that they now want longer sessions!

These sessions help us take a moment to fill our cup. The meditation zooms have been a wonderful experience for everyone in the company, and as a result, we have opened a meditation zen club slack channel, for employees to participate in meditation practices.

Q: What do you like to do during your free time?

Chandni: I have two boys, who are six and two years old, so there is not much of free time. We have a screen-free home, so we mostly play outside when weather allows or play board games inside. My partner and I like to cook/bake from scratch, so we spend a lot of time using our creativity in making daily meals. Also, now that our older kid is in the school system, we try to volunteer at school as much as we can.