More mediation, less integration.

Cortex is a mediation layer that uses patent-pending dynamic linking technology to discover and assemble resources from multiple business platforms into one consistent interface. Data and services from enterprise applications like Commerce Engine, Adobe® Experience Manager, OpenText® CEM, and others are mapped to Cortex using a lightweight schema. Once abstracted, these resources — from any source — are linked together to generate Cortex Business APIs that securely project your unified services to the world.

Cortex mediation completely decouples client applications from business platforms, yet enhances their ability to securely retrieve data and perform transactions. This breakthrough hyper media approach gives designers, developers, and API consumers the unprecedented freedom they need to create unique digital experiences — from mobile apps to Internet Retailer® Top 500 websites — that engage customers and create business value.

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A hypermedia API means self-serve ecommerce.

Unified services from your application portfolio are exposed via Cortex Business APIs, a set of highly scalable REST interfaces that conform rigorously to the HATEOAS constraint and Level 3 of the Richardson Maturity Model. This means that client applications can securely access enterprise data and perform authorized operations using only the hypermedia controls generated by the mediation layer. No deeper knowledge of your business platforms is required — so the tyranny of constant integration work ends with Cortex. It's simply the best API for ecommerce platforms.

Four reasons you need Cortex today.

Freedom and agility for business owners

Give product and business teams the freedom to unleash their creativity with minimal IT intervention. With access to unified services via Cortex Business APIs, these groups can build and manage digital experiences like websites, apps, social selling, and embedded commerce — on their own.

Cortex eliminates the need for designers and developers to have any knowledge of your back-end systems in order to integrate effectively with them, so projects can be staffed with any combination of internal resources, partners, agencies, or freelancers. These teams focus on what they do best — creating remarkable digital experiences, not figuring out how to connect them to systems like Oracle® and SAP®.

New ways for IT to create business value

Cortex is a revolutionary way to let the best-of-breed applications in your ecosystem work together to create new, innovative services that generate real value from your IT portfolio. Its patent-pending dynamic linking technology allows you to configure how resources from these platforms are assembled at runtime to form secure, easy-to-consume Cortex Business APIs that precisely reflect the use cases of your API consumers, not those of your backend systems.

Data integration and federation happen automatically in the Cortex mediation tier, reducing the need for batch ETL, data replication, and other inefficient forms of integration. Think of it as an enterprise-grade mashup engine that finally allows you to unleash the potential of the business logic and data trapped inside your business platforms.

Happier, more productive developers

By conforming rigorously to the HATEOAS constraint and Level 3 of the Richardson Maturity Model, Cortex Business APIs deliver your services and capabilities in a stable, versionless form that is unaffected by changes to the underlying application portfolio. Transactions are conducted using simple, human-readable resource identifiers and hypermedia controls that are coupled loosely to your enterprise systems via a lightweight schema and efficient tooling. This complete separation virtually guarantees the continuity of services delivered using Cortex Business APIs, even the business platforms change.

As your use cases and functionality improve and evolve, existing clients continue to work without interruption — freeing developers to spend time innovating rather than renovating. In the language of the Gartner® Pace-Layered Application Strategy™, Cortex mediation is the ultimate connective tissue between your systems of record, differentiation, and innovation.

One view of the customer, wherever they are

Because Cortex mediates API requests and responses before they are routed to separate platforms, it’s perfectly situated to collect the aggregate engagement and transaction data needed to generate one view of the customer as they shift between digital experiences.

Collecting data below this level results in a fragmented profile as each platform provides only a partial, application-centric view of each customer. Installing a data tap above this layer, at the API management level, generates raw data that lacks the semantic order that Cortex provides because of its intrinsic knowledge of your resource relationships. The valuable Cortex data can be fed to MDM platforms, business intelligence applications, or even next-best-action systems to facilitate real-time, automated marketing.

Technology you won’t find anywhere else.

Dynamic resource linking

At the heart of Cortex is a resource-linking operating system that discovers and binds resources from other business platforms into unified services, creating a single point of entry and control for commerce application portfolios. The Cortex microkernel is based on the OSGi™ framework, which provides secure resource isolation, library segregation, and a nonstop lifecycle.

Level 3 REST APIs

Unified business services are exposed via secure Cortex Business APIs that conform rigorously to the HATEOAS (Hypertext as the Engine of Application State) constraint and Level 3 of the Richardson Maturity Model. These APIs offer client developers resource and relationship stability in the form of fully discoverable, browsable payloads that require no knowledge of the underlying business logic in order to retrieve data or perform authorized operations.

Hypermedia extensions

Cortex provides additional hypermedia controls that extend the functionality and usability of Cortex Business APIs far beyond Level 3 REST. These include built-in forms and selectors to drive UI-like state changes directly from the API, workflow controls that reduce the need for business logic within clients, and a robust resource zoom feature that gives developers complete control over denormalization, drastically reducing both the size and frequency of API calls.

Intrinsic security

Cortex offers complete role- and resource-based access control with user authentication, roles, and permissions. Securing multiple business platforms with Cortex mediation allows you to offer API consumers one hardened point of entry with a single set of authorizations to manage, instead of widely distributing security across separate enterprise applications.

Carrier-grade performance

Cortex was designed so that our customers — from mobile operators to Internet Retailer® Top 500 stores — could drive some of the world’s most demanding applications. In the vast majority of installations, the performance limiting factor will not be resource mediation, but the response time of your underlying systems, because the throughput of Cortex running on just a handful of nodes far exceeds that of most business platforms.

Practical utilities

To make your job even easier, Cortex comes with great developer tools to foster agility, creativity, and productivity. These include Studio, an interactive REST development environment; Graph, a utility that generates live, visual representations your resource relationships; Health Monitor, an API performance dashboard, and additional utilities to help you create and manage resource schemas.

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