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Elastic Path aggregates data from all your business systems into the same universal API that connects our core capabilities to your CMS or marketing cloud solution. This revolutionary integration product dynamically creates a single unified API that securely delivers all the transactional functionality and enterprise data your business needs to build relevant, personalized customer experiences.

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Elastic Path® Commerce Integration Platform

Patent-pending technology

The Elastic Path Commerce Integration Platform is based on exclusive, patent- pending Cortex API technology. It pulls together data from across your enterprise into one stable and secure commerce API, reducing dev costs, time to market, and the effort needed to build and maintain a constantly-evolving network of omnichannel touchpoints.

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A catalyst for digital transfromation

A Commerce Integration Platform thoroughly decouples websites, mobile apps, and other front-end experiences from your sensitive enterprise systems. It’s an ideal solution that bridges the gulf between business teams that seek constant innovation, and IT groups that need to maintain application security, scalability, and performance.

Unified APIs get results

Unified APIs get results

The best digital businesses are fuelled by APIs

Unified APIs get results

As more companies make the shift to digital, both marketing and technology executives now agree that having an effective, cohesive digital presence is their most urgent priority. But the old way of creating this —individually wiring websites, apps, and other front-end experiences directly to systems such as CRM, ecommerce, or content management platforms — is not just slow and expensive, but a huge barrier to innovation and business growth. Independent analysis from a leading research firm proves just how much this failed approach costs your business.

The Elastic Path Commerce Integration Platform eliminates these barriers by aggregating all commerce-related capabilities and data sources into one streamlined REST interface. This unified API gives developers, systems integrators, and digital agencies one controlled access point for everything they need to rapidly build customer touchpoints. And when the API is connected to your CMS or marketing cloud platform, marketers can build amazing transactional experiences themselves – without IT intervention. It’s a revolutionary solution that unleashes business growth and gives your enterprise a significant competitive advantage.

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Commerce Integration Platform benefits

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Better Digital Customer Experiences

When designers and developers get ecommerce functionality in one stable API, they gain the freedom to build better, more engaging, and more relevant digital experiences. Take orders directly on a brand website? Check for valid product subscriptions in a new mobile app? Personalize a social campaign based on customer order history? The Commerce Integration Platform makes it happen.

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Faster time to market, lower costs

Research proves that the biggest contributor to slow, expensive ecommerce projects is working with IT to connect front-end experiences with enterprise data and functionality. The Commerce Integration Platform eradicates this bottleneck by replacing all ad-hoc and point integrations with a single, high-performance REST API that gives front-end teams everything they need in one place.

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More scalability, flexibility, and manageability

The Commerce Integration Platform gives digital agencies, systems integrators, and enterprise architects one place to create custom transactional flows and components. As back-end systems are added, updated, and replaced, developers can securely expose new capabilities through the Cortex API without negatively impacting dozens or even hundreds of connected front-end experiences.

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Best of breed and future-proof

New enterprise technologies come and go. Consumer preferences and digital touchpoints continue to evolve. The Elastic Path Commerce Integration Platform provides the most open, secure, and extensible way to respond to change at both ends – allowing your business to maximize every opportunity that arises from new ideas, inventions, collaborations, and partnerships.

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Independent research proves that unified APIs lead directly to success in digital business transformation.

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