Ecommerce API: A revolutionary way to build your digital empire

Elastic Path Cortex is a patent-pending API commerce technology that allows you to deliver a remarkable digital customer experience. It orchestrates and brings together data and transactional capabilities that are scattered across multiple enterprise systems into one unified commerce API at runtime — enabling you to dramatically slash development costs, reduce your time to market, and create better digital experiences that boost engagement and generate revenue.

The magic bullet for digital transformation

Cortex API orchestration is most commonly used to bring ecommerce data and transactional functionality into digital experience management platforms like Adobe® Experience Manager and OpenText® CEM. It's a powerful catalyst that bridges the gulf between business users seeking rapid innovation and IT groups that need to maintain security, scalability, and performance. Cortex API orchestration is the magic bullet that gives business users free reign to imagine and create any omnichannel experience — while keeping sensitive systems and data securely in the hands of technology professionals.

Unified APIs get results

Unified APIs get results

The best digital businesses are fuelled by APIs

Unified APIs get results

As more and more companies make the shift to digital, both marketing and technology professionals have come to realize that great digital experiences are an urgent priority. But the traditional way of creating them — by wiring websites, apps, and other touchpoints directly to back-end enterprise systems like your ecommerce or CRM platform — is not only slow and expensive, but also a huge impediment to innovation and business growth. In fact, independent research from a leading consulting firm proves that this tangled approach fails far more often than it succeeds.

Cortex API orchestration eliminates this problem by unifying all of your transactional capabilities into one streamlined, secure, and stable API — unleashing business growth and giving your enterprise a significant competitive advantage.

How to use Cortex API

Ecommerce API for rapid business transformation

Build customer experiences with speed and agility

Obtaining ecommerce and other enterprise capabilities through a Cortex API orchestration gives business users the power to create and manage virtually any transactional digital experience, directly within the digital experience software of their choice. At the same time, sensitive systems of record remain securely in the hands of technology professionals, where they belong.

Create contextual buying experiences

Cortex API orchestration gives marketers sophisticated transactional capabilities — like offer management, entitlements, and payments — in the form of discrete, modular components that can easily be arranged, customized, and optimized for each specific experience, segment, device, or individual customer.

Accelerate time to market and reduce costs

Cortex API orchestration lets you beat competitors to market by giving your systems integrator, digital agency, or internal developers the most efficient tool for creating custom transactional flows and components. Our patent-pending resource linking and hypermedia controls allow businesses to connect new back-end capabilities to new digital touchpoints with unprecedented speed, scale, and security.

Future-proof your enterprise

New technologies come and go. Consumer preferences will continue to evolve. Cortex API orchestration from Elastic Path provides the most open, secure, and extensible way to respond to this change at both ends — allowing your business to maximize every opportunity that arises from new ideas, inventions, collaborations, and partnerships.

Ecommerce API for rapid business transformation

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