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Jamming on JAMStack
Now that you've gotten up to speed on what JAMStack is and the benefits of leveraging the modern approach to build fast and reliable front-ends, you can dive more in-depth into how we support an eCommerce JAMStack architecture at Elastic Path. One of our expert solutions architect discusses how he uses JAMStack, as a part of composable commerce approach, to bring digital dreams to life faster.
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How B2B Organizations are Overcoming Today's Challenges

With Elastic Path, a B2B digital transformation will be a smooth transition. Take a look at some of today's B2B eCommerce challenges and how Elastic Path approaches them.

See the Four B2B eCommerce Challenges

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“We selected Elastic Path for its powerful APIs, flexibility, and the robust documentation. The support from the entire Elastic Path team throughout the sales cycle into implementation has demonstrated their commitment to our success and further validates our selection choice.”

—Ruyi Ren,
Former Head of Technology, Scout & Cellar

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