Telecommunications: Commerce in A Connected World
Improve customer lifetime value. Increase business agility.

The New Business Reality for Communications Providers

Customers expect communication service providers to know who they are and what they want, at any given point in time. But, only 4% of telecoms believe their organizations deliver consistent, personalized and contextually relevant customer experiences, and 81% say that their greatest barrier to digital transformation is existing legacy systems.

Fragmented Experiences Frustrate Customers

Because backend systems aren’t integrated, Telcos can’t obtain a holistic view of customers or personalize their experiences across multiple touchpoints. Customers receive disjointed experiences including offers that don’t consider their individual purchase expectations

Technical Issues Cripple Marketing

New touchpoints and bundles that combine physical and digital products, accessories and third-party services have transformed the way marketers conceive and launch campaigns. However, backend systems limit the type of offers marketers can make, and how quickly campaigns can launch.

Innovative Telecoms around the world trust Elastic Path

Elastic Path Commerce for Telecoms

Elastic Path Commerce frees marketing to create innovative customer experience across any touchpoint. The solution eliminates redundant commerce systems for each frontend experience, ensuring customers receive a consistent experience no matter how they interact.
Here are some of the many benefits of Elastic Path for telecoms.

Improve Customer Experience and Boost Customer Lifetime Value

Consumers today expect personalized services and products. Telecoms can power consistent pricing, product and promotional experiences across any touchpoint including in-store. Each customer experience builds on the last to adapt to customer preferences and purchasing intent. This allows marketing to create personalized, contextual offers— not just for a single transaction, but over a customer’s entire lifetime.

Experiment with New Touchpoints

The connected home, connected cars and other connected systems are rapidly becoming reality. Wearables, digital assistants… who really knows what’s coming next? With Elastic Path, it doesn’t matter. Marketers can add new touchpoints quickly, to determine their worth without huge effort and cost. Whatever new interaction method presents itself, Elastic Path Commerce can easily adapt. Telecoms can add new touchpoints to enable new ways of doing business— despite commercial rule complexity.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

When a competitor launches an aggressive campaign, how quickly can marketing respond? Using Elastic Path Commerce, marketers can adjust campaigns quickly with little reliance on IT. Marketers can experiment with different pricing and products to find out what works and what doesn’t – quickly.

Innovate with Self-Serve Bundling and Dynamic Pricing

With Elastic Path Commerce, marketing can build complex fixed, dynamic or nested bundles combining internal products and services with third-party services. Customers can build their own bundles without breaking any rules in the BSS or OSS.

Unleashing the “Uncarrier”

Learn how T-Mobile unlocked their creativity, empowering marketing to run faster and pivot more quickly.

Yes. Dynamic Bundling is Possible
Allow customers to build their own bundles without breaking any rules in the BSS or OSS.
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