GraphQL for Commerce

A Modern API Approach

GraphQL has increased in popularity recently as a modern, efficient, and easy to use API protocol. As a query language, it allows commerce developers to efficiently fetch the information needed to deliver customer experiences.

On the flip side, query languages cannot manage dependencies across services and are not context aware like Elastic Path’s hypermedia API, Cortex is. Explore this page to learn the benefits of using a modern API like GraphQL and Elastic Path Cortex and their differences.

GraphQL and Cortex

Why does a modern API strategy matters for digital commerce?

As the number of customer touchpoints grows and more organizations seek the benefits of a headless architecture for their digital commerce initiative, a commerce platform’s approach to APIs is critically important.

However, not all APIs are created equal and modern API styles are gaining momentum in the industry.

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Elastic Path Cortex Hypermedia API

Break free from the all-in-one commerce platform to unify commerce experiences across brands, touchpoints, geographies and channels with an API-first approach.

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Commerce APIs

Not all APIs are created equal

Elastic Path’s patented Cortex API is unmatched in its ability to unify commerce across brands, lines of business, geographies and channels. Quickly onboard new touchpoints, enable new business models, and deliver unified experiences on a single platform.

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