Enable Social Selling

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud for Social Commerce

Engage in social selling by making social media more than just an advertising and branding play. Create opportunities for consumers to buy right within social media, so shoppers convert while they’re still engaged. 

Social Media
Retailers get more from their investment in social

Social advertising and branded pages and profiles already have a huge impact on today’s consumers. Making social media shoppable makes these investments even more valuable. Eliminating the post-click attrition that inevitably happens, retailers increase purchase rates and turn social engagement into a conversion engine.

Consumers’ social media experiences become richer

Instead of getting pulled away from social media to go to a separate website to make a transaction right at the peak of inspiration, consumers can consider and buy relevant products on the spot. This at-your-fingertips convenience makes shoppers’ social media experience richer. They can stay in the moment, buy products of interest, and keep their social experience going with minimal interruption.

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Have a retail presence on Facebook

Use the Elastic Path Commerce Cloud APIs to plug your existing product catalog to your Facebook Shop and expand your sales potential without the hassle of maintaining separate inventories. Let your customers check out products they love through Facebook with the same checkout process they’re used to.

Expand your social reach and combine Facebook with Instagram

Why constrain yourself to one channel only? Once your Facebook Shop is set up, Instagram can use your Facebook catalog to tag products and create shoppable Instagram images.

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