eCommerce for Regulated Goods & Services

Elastic Path specializes in eCommerce Regulations. Simplify the buying process to deliver superior customer experience at scale

One of the biggest challenges for industries with eCommerce Regulations such as alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and drugs is that the buyer journey often includes non-standard steps such as validation checks. Traditional full-stack commerce platforms are not designed to support these requirements, as they are built for mainstream use-cases. As a result, the customer experience used to be disjointed. Elastic Path is easily extensible to support any unique buyer journey enabling a streamlined omnichannel experience.

Support Complex Portfolio

Manage complex portfolio for regulated goods:

  • Set different product assortments for different markets and jurisdictions
  • Configure attributes by category, product, catalog, search across them and easily extend data model
  • Easily create new and manage existing eligibility rules for different products and regions
Streamline Buying Process

Make buying simple and convenient for your customers by streamlining the buyer journey:

  • Implement unique buyer journey including validation checks and other custom steps
  • Support any traditional and digital touchpoints as a part of omnichannel journey
  • Confidently integrate with any external system
Launching a Commerce Solution in 4 Weeks

MedImpact sought a digital commerce platform that would enable customers to prepay for their prescriptions. From start to finish, it took only four weeks to embed and launch Elastic Path within America’s Pharmacy website.

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“We selected Elastic Path for its powerful APIs, flexibility, and the robust documentation. The support from the entire Elastic Path team throughout the sales cycle into implementation has demonstrated their commitment to our success and further validates our selection choice.”

—Ruyi Ren,
Former Head of Technology, Scout & Cellar




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