Launch B2B eCommerce

Drive revenue growth with customer centric digital-first experiences powered by flexible B2B ecommerce software

Driven by Millenials taking the place of Baby Boomers as key B2B buyers and global pandemic, the B2B buying process is rapidly digitizing and becoming increasingly omnichannel. To achieve sustainable business growth in this environment, B2B manufacturers need to transform their business to provide a digital-first buying experience across all sales channels, including sales personnel, web, and partners.

Bring your B2B business online

Bring any B2B business model no mater how complex online while streamlining purchasing process for the buyers with:

  • Support for large enterprise accounts
  • Account-specific product assortment and pricing
  • Customer-specific discounts and promotions
Introduce new business models

Drive incremental revenue growth and increase customer stickiness by introducing new business models:

  • Ordering from IoT-enabled equipment and connected devices
  • Support for innovative products, services and pricing models
  • Easy integration with external IT systems
B2B Digitization

Johnstone Supply partnered with Elastic Path to improve the customer experience across all channels. Resulting in an increase in traffic by 70% and an increase in sales of 150% in the past 4 years.

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“We selected Elastic Path for its powerful APIs, flexibility, and the robust documentation. The support from the entire Elastic Path team throughout the sales cycle into implementation has demonstrated their commitment to our success and further validates our selection choice.”

—Ruyi Ren,
Former Head of Technology, Scout & Cellar




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