E-commerce Search: Your customers can’t buy what they can’t find

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If you’re still using traditional keyword-match search for your online store, you’re likely spending too much time on manual optimization and missing the opportunity to personalize results -- which means lost revenue.

To capture this lost revenue, you need intelligent search.

Intelligent search takes what you know about a customer (context), applies natural language processing and semantic algorithms to determine intent, and leverages AI-driven learning algorithms to optimize results based on feedback from customers-like-them.

How can you take advantage of smart e-commerce search in your enterprise?

Our latest eBook with our partner BloomReach, ‘0 results found’: The Case for Smart Site Search, is an in-depth guide to intelligent search for e-commerce.

You’ll learn how:

  • Intelligent search identifies customer intent using semantic matching, attribute awareness and behavioral data
  • User context such as profile data, on-site behavior and device impacts search relevance
  • Boost and bury, slot rules and A/B testing can tailor intelligent search to YOUR business
  • Search + headless commerce can power personalized experiences beyond your website