E-commerce Transformation

Migrating from Oracle Commerce to Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

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In the beginning, e-commerce was developed as an extension of the existing business. Operations and IT came together to enable customers to access what became an internet-enabled view of the product catalog. Before the e-commerce transformation, we know of today began, customer experiences were just thought of as user experiences and were siloed within the digital division. E-commerce was an IT-centric operation, not a user-centric experience.

As technology has advanced and the number of devices has grown exponentially, each experience channel has become its own opportunity. With that has come the pressure for brands to commerce-enable these various experience touchpoints. The question is, does your e-commerce technology support that vision?

In 2020, those in possession of monolithic e-commerce platforms are faced with the need to move, at unprecedented speeds, towards methodologies, technologies, and architectures that they are perhaps not best set up to deliver.

In this whitepaper, we share:

  • Everything you need to know about how Elastic Path empowers enterprises that have invested heavily in the monolithic platforms of the past
  • How you can accelerate your innovation and e-commerce transformation through the use of headless architecture
  • Insight on how to monetize every level of the experience no matter the endpoint