IoT E-commerce: A Guide to Unlocking New Business Models

Bring your B2B IoT use-cases to life

How is IoT used in B2B? Read the eBook.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is accelerating at an incredible clip. The IDC predicts that revenues from the Internet of Things are expected to surpass $1 trillion by 2022.

The interesting thing for B2B Manufacturers is that two-thirds of all IoT connections will be industrial. Not personal or residential as we’ve come to assume.

This creates a massive opportunity for manufacturers to differentiate through an ease of doing business unmatched by their competitors, drive incredible revenue, and deliver remarkable value to their customers, all through the successful adoption of IoT-enabled business models.

In this eBook you’ll find:

  • B2B IoT e-commerce use-cases with real examples for automated inventory replenishment, industrial vending, predictive ordering, usage-based models and more.
  • A clear understanding of the specific technologies you need to bring your own B2B IoT e-commerce use-cases to life
  • The role of headless commerce and eCommerce APIs in successful IoT adoption
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