Headless Commerce: Simplify your migration

Elastic Path | Sirius Computer Solutions

Because you can’t future-proof your commerce strategy on a platform with an end date. Watch the webinar. 

Unfortunately, that’s the reality for all those still on IBM Websphere Commerce. They’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Taking on a lengthy and highly complex migration or, staying on a system not equipped to handle the demands of modern commerce.

But the rock is shifting. We have a solution. You can finally lose your head without the headache.

That solution is Sirius Headstart, the tool purpose-built by Sirius Computer Solutions to ease the burden of migration and make modern, headless commerce accessible to everyone. To share the details, we teamed up with Luis Camacho and Raj Ekambaram from Sirius to create this on-demand webinar.

Listen to how you can embrace an API-first and flexible headless commerce system like Elastic Path to accelerate your business value, remove organizational silos and empower your business users to rapidly innovate without ever slowing the pace of business.