Welcome to the Composable Commerce Miniseries


Need to grow your eCommerce revenue, but feeling held back by eCommerce solutions that are too slow or too rigid to adapt to your needs?

Learn how to take back control of your digital commerce strategy in this 7-part miniseries which introduces a new approach advocated by Gartner for how to build modern commerce experiences, called Composable Commerce.  This approach will empower your team to keep up with customer needs, outpace the competition, and hit ambitious growth targets.  



Episode One | Introducing Composable Commerce


Don’t know what Composable Commerce is?  No worries, we've created the Composable Commerce miniseries to walk you through a step-by-step process to unshackle from your legacy eCommerce solution and embrace headless.

Watch episode one to discover: 

  • What Composable Commerce is
  • How Composable Commerce can help you hit business targets
  • How Rebecca Hicks, Senior Manager of Digital Experiences at Pella Windows & Doors, transformed their digital strategy with Composable Commerce
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Episode Two | How to Estimate the Total Cost of Your eCommerce Solution


This episode will dissect the total cost for a typical ecommerce strategy using both composable solutions and legacy eCommerce platforms.

Watch episode two to discover:

  • The 5 key items that will affect your total costs
  • Hidden costs to beware of
  • How Composable Commerce ensures the lowest total cost
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"Organizations will need to move toward composable commerce to keep up with the pace of change in customer demand."

Episode Three | How to Architect Your Composable Commerce Solution


This four-part episode features commerce expert and Senior Director of Partners & Enablement, Jamie Smith. Jamie leverages his 20+ years of experience designing and building diverse headless eCommerce architectures. 

Watch episode three to discover: 

  • What a Composable Commerce architecture is
  • The four-step process to designing your Composable Commerce architecture
  • Stories of how brands have successfully architected their digital solution with Composable Commerce
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Episode Four | How to Use Extensibility to Design & Deploy at Speed


This episode will walk you through how Composable Commerce empowers you to quickly adapt to customer and market needs to extensibility.  

Watch episode four to discover: 

  • How Composable Commerce powers extensibility
  • A live demo of Elastic Path that shows extensibility with no code
  • How CITYROW leverages extensibility to keep up with customers
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Episode Five | How to Compose a CMS into Your Commerce Framework


In this episode, we’ll walk through a step by step process for integrating CMS.

Watch episode five to discover: 

  • Why a tight CMS + Commerce experience is important
  • A demo with Elastic Path & Contentful (CMS) powered by Hycom
  • How Pella Windows & Doors used Composable Commerce to tightly integrate with their CMS solution to launch a beautiful, D2C experience
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Episode Six | How to Integrate with Your PIM Solution


In this episode, we’ll walk through a step by step process for integrating your PIM  and Commerce solution.  

Watch episode six to discover: 

  • Why a tight PIM + Commerce experience is important
  • A demo with Elastic Path & PIM integration
  • How Deckers Brands used Composable Commerce to tightly integrate Salsify & Elastic Path to launch mobile self check out in 7 weeks
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Episode Seven | How to Rapidly Add a new Sales Channel


In this episode, we’ll discuss spinning up a new channel with a headless Composable Commerce solution.

Watch episode seven to discover: 

  • Why agility is important when focusing on digital commerce
  • A demo of an Elastic Path mobile shopping experience
  • How Stance used Composable Commerce to rapidly build mobile self-checkout with Elastic Path instead of their monolithic solution
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