E-commerce Webinar: Monetizing Insights for Experiential Commerce

Elastic Path | Acquia | Bounteous

What is the value of experiential commerce? Watch the webinar.

We hear so much about creating a relevant and seamless commerce experience for your customers but, how do you make sure you are unlocking the full potential of that experience for both the organization and your customer?

In this e-commerce webinar, Elastic Path, Acquia and Bounteous come together to discuss how to not only orchestrate the kind of experiences that will keep your customers engaged but, offer insight into how you can most effectively monetize different stages of that experience.

From walking through a day in the life of buyers today in both B2B and B2C to crafting your experiential commerce journeys, you will also learn how:

  • To offer relevant and orchestrated customer journeys
  • Analytics and a single view of your customer across channels gives you the ability to create focused experiences
  • API-based commerce powered by Elastic Path interacts with Acquia to seamlessly embed monetization opportunities within the customer experience