Headless Commerce in B2B: Taking Revenue beyond the Sales Portal

All your questions answered on the digital transformation of B2B commerce.

The future of B2B commerce is headless.

B2B e-commerce should no longer be seen as just a way to sell goods and services through an online sales portal. In 2020, headless commerce in B2B has the potential to take business leaders far beyond that, giving them the tools to truly accelerate revenue and differentiate with experience-driven commerce in a way that far surpasses the abilities of their competitors.The interesting thing for B2B Manufacturers is that two-thirds of all IoT connections will be industrial. Not personal or residential as we’ve come to assume.

But, how do you get from A to B? How do B2B organizations go beyond self-service to expand into other sources of growth, while still, ensuring adoption and ROI of commerce investments, supporting competitive experiences for all types of users and, remaining agile amidst the economic changes effecting manufacturers and distributors around the world?

All in a cost-effective way that stays true to the pragmatism inherent of B2B commerce.

In this webinar, Chris Kostakis, Gorilla Group CTO, and Andrej Maihorn, Elastic Path VP, Industry Solutions address these topics and other questions that are top of mind for every B2B business leader such as:

  • How is the B2B market uniquely changing when it comes to customer experience and engagement?
  • What are the top three mistakes companies make implementing headless commerce in B2B?
  • How can a headless approach to B2B e-commerce be accomplished with minimal complexity and risk?
  • How can a B2B technology buyer tell if headless is right for their business?