Reinventing Customer Engagement With Experience-Driven Commerce

Errol Denger - Director Commerce Strategy, Adobe
Peter Lukomskyj - VP, Products, Elastic Path Software
Stacy Hansbury - Vice President Digital Channels, McGraw-Hill Education






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How McGraw-Hill Education Took on Digital Learning and Won


Succeeding in today’s hyper competitive market and responding to creative destruction requires continuous innovation, especially in industries such as publishing and education.

For more than a century, McGraw-Hill Education had a sterling reputation in the education industry. Despite introducing digital technology across the company, most people still thought of them as a textbook company. Their solution was to embark on an ambitious multi-year project to reshape the perception of the company as a digital-first company. To accomplish this, McGraw-Hill Education is building a world-class, singular e-commerce and digital publishing destination for learning solutions that deliver a personalized customer experience.

In this session, we will share the best practices and key considerations to address as you evolve your business model to better serve your customers. McGraw-Hill Education will then discuss why they selected Elastic Path and Adobe, and how they are using the solution to create compelling customer experiences through effective management of content, commerce, media, mobile and analytics.