Engage Customers With Unique Commerce Experiences.


Learn how to quickly take advantage of any opportunity through an agile commerce solution.  Sirius and Elastic Path provide a clear-cut solution for all your eCommerce needs without the heavy lifting of replatforming.  

Create New Commerce Experiences Alongside your Current Infrastructure

Increase Revenue - your customer expectations have evolved, you must ensure you meet their needs now and into the future.  A Composable Commerce approach is key to your ability to deliver. We recognize you have a legacy system that cannot be removed, you need a solution that rebuilds from the old. A Composable Commerce approach allows you to:

  1. Start a small journey of eCommerce within your current infrastructure
  2. Not take on the heavy lifting and expense of a new platform


Increase Revenue Today

Speed of LIght

Implement Quickly and Increase Sales

Your commerce platform must respond quickly to changes in demand. Brands need to pivot quickly and ensure that their customers are able to access and receive their products. As the market changes you need to ensure you can rapidly pivot to meet those needs.  With a Composable Commerce approach, you can:

  • Immediately enable curbside pickup, or ship to customers directly
  • Immediately implement new distribution channels and optimize inventory

Optimize Today

Your Commerce Solution Should Meet Your Unique Needs

Delivering a customized and unique eCommerce solution can be the difference in outpacing your competition and providing a differentiated and customer-centric experience.  Brands need to ensure their message gets to their prospects and customers in a way that is unique to their brand.  With our Composable Commerce approach your brand can:

  1. Deliver a Best of Breed implementation  - your eCommerce solution should meet your needs, not have your needs adjusted to the solution
  2. Create and implement the experience your brand envisions, the solution fits you, you do not fit the solution

Deliver Unique Experiences


Want to be unique and fast?  You're in Good Company.